The Post NaNoWriMo Crash

I knew it was going to happen, it’s happened the past two years.  I successfully completed my 2015 National Novel Writing Month challenge a day early, and even managed to tack on a few extra thousand words for good measure.  Unfortunately, as so often happens, other more pressing life concerns took my attention away from continuing with the book and now I have trouble getting back on a decent schedule.

I’m slowly progressing with the post-NaNoWriMo continuation of my book, writing a chapter here and there, and trying not to let that voice in the back of my head convince me that nobody cares what I’m writing so why bother.  I hate that voice, and wish he would shut up, but he doesn’t, and it makes it rather hard to concentrate.

If I learned one thing on the PCT, however, and this goes for all of my issues in life, not just writing, is that I need to trust the process.  I’m consistently reminded of this as I write, and need to constantly tell myself that there are no overnight changes, no immediate rewards.  I have to put in the steps to get to the end of the line, otherwise I’ll just stay on the mountain forever.

So I keep writing, or try, and keep trying to string together the increasingly large story of my 2015 PCT hike into something cohesive, and interesting.  There’s so much more to tell, I just have to keep going.

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