Project 2663 Update: My Gear List

Hello All,

It’s been a big last couple weeks for Project 2663.  First of all, and most importantly, we managed to achieve our Kickstarter goal of $3000 on the 15th, which means the project is now fully funded and ready to go.  Now for the hard part, allocating those funds to maximize my ability to hike the trail.
Knowing the money I have to work with, I’ve finalized my Gear List for the trail, and thankfully am very close to my target pack weight for the trail.
Here is my base gear list for the trail.  I’ll be swapping things in and out as necessary, but for the most part, this is all the equipment I’ll be hauling on the trail.  I’m aiming for a max pack weight of 40 lbs, though it’ll be less than that for much of the hike.  I’m very excited to have pared down my weight, and it should make for a much easier 3000 mile hike com April, relatively speaking.
Tent: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2
I love this tent, though it’s less fun when I have to share it, as some can attest.  It’s lightweight, compact, and quick to set up or take down.  My last time out in Zion National Park I had it out and set up in under five minutes, in wind and rain.
Hammock:  Eno Doublenest
I’ll be using the Eno interchangeably with the Fly Creek as the trail progresses, opting for its ease of setup and lighter weight in more forested sections of the trail.  It’s a great hammock and surprisingly comfortable given the exposure of it.  I’ll be using the Profly rainfly to supplement this and protect me from the elements as needed.
Sleeping Bag/Pad: Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15/Q-Core SL
I discovered this neat little sleeping bag/pad combo last fall and fell in love with it.  Both are lightweight, a necessity, and the bag is rated for 15 degrees, hopefully more than warm enough for the entire trail.  The bag has a sleeve on the underside for the pad, so I never roll off the pad or roll around too much.  It’s great for tent use, hammock insulation, or even cowboy camping on the ground should the need arise.  Very cool setup.
Stove: Biolite Camp Stove

Ive been using this stove exclusively for close to two years now and absolutely adore it.  It’s a bit heavier than a normal stove, but because it uses wood and other organic material as fuel, I save myself from carrying gas or liquid fuels .  Added to that is the fact that Biolite uses the sales of their stoves to help provide heating, cooking, and electrical needs to third world countries make it a brand I’m proud to support.
Pack: Gregory Baltoro 75
This pack, though large, is engineered to be well balanced so the weight of it feels negligible even on long hikes.  I’ve used it several times and love the design.  This pack will ultimately become either my best friend or my worst enemy on the trail.
Photography Gear:

Canon 6D DSLR
Sirui Tripod
GoPro Hero 3+
IPhone 6+
Tascam D-40 Sound Recorder
Rode NTG1 Shotgun Microphone
Canon 17-40mm f4L lens
Canon 100mm f2.8L macro lens
Nexto DI 2901 sd card backup
Ravpower 15000mAh battery

It’s not the lightest pack in the world, but I feel confident it’s well within manageable limits for this hike.
Thank you to everyone who continues to support Project 2663.  Stay tuned to this blog in the coming weeks for more updates as we near the April 15th kickoff date.  I’m nervous and excited as it gets closer and closer to the day I step out on the trail.

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